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Why Chair Yoga is for Everyone, by Lynn Schmidt, PT, RYT200

The seated position can be an excellent place to do gentle movements that increase the flexibility of the spine. You may find these movements helpful if rehabbing from an injury or a slight discomfort after exerting during gardening or outdoor adventures. The slower pace helps work through physical restrictions and balance issues.

The class also uses the chair for support during standing yoga poses, with guidance for lessening the use of the chair as strength in poses and confidence with balance increases. This can be good for those new to yoga.

As a physical therapist I have always been drawn to moving for health. Having low back and knee issues has also drawn me to a variety of studies. Many explorations are incorporated into the chair class: dance based on body developmental patterns, Gyrotonics which emphasizes circular movements, and Feldenkrais, which explores small movements to open the body to more movement.

The chair classes are one hour, part in sitting and part with standing poses using the chair as support. There are also some short videos of 15 – 20 minutes duration available on the website on specific topics: standing balance into functional daily movement, fine tuning body patterns including some stepping movements, and exploring the idea that less can bring more.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat and chair! Lynn Schmidt

See our website for a selection of Chair Yoga videos or check the class schedule to join Lynn in-studio.