Yoga Teacher Training

Deepen Your Personal Yoga Practice and Learn to Teach What You Know.

Teacher/Trainers: Kara Keating, ERYT and Carol Mason, ERYT, assisted by staff members of Movement Arts.

All of our staff study with Douglas Keller, an internationally recognized yoga teacher. Several of his books are used in this course.

Our style: Modern Hatha Yoga with elements of Flow and a strong emphasis on core activation and universal alignment principles. This course can work for yogis from most backgrounds and styles. Philosophy and psychology are included in every class, allowing the yogi to progress both personally and as a potential teacher of yoga.

Who takes the course: Yogis of varied backgrounds who are interested in holistic learning about the vast art and science of yoga. Some are wanting to become teachers and some are wanting to develop themselves, deepen in the yoga, and learn to become better communicators. Both kinds of yogis are welcome to take the course.

What makes this training different:

  • Solid reputation in the Community for 25 years
  • Limited class size (16 or less)
  • Weekend training over 7 months (no Fridays!)
  • Saturday and Sunday 12-5
  • Time to integrate and learn
  • Holistic teaching of Yoga

Deepen Your Personal Yoga Practice
Learn to Teach Yoga 

Teacher/Trainers: Kara Keating, ERYTand Carol Mason, ERYT, assisted by other staff members of Movement Arts

Next Teacher Training: October 2024-April 2025

What to expect:
Individual attention/class size limited to a maximum of 16. Refinement of yoga techniques that can be used for any style of yoga.

  • Comprehensive training in the art/science of yoga
  • Yoga history & philosophy
  • Class planning and sequencing
  • The therapeutic wisdom of Yoga
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Physical and subtle anatomy
  • Assists
  • Special populations
  • Teaching theory and practice
  • Business and yoga

2022-23 Training Dates: October 2022 – April, 2023 on selected weekend afternoons, 5 hours each day  Fees: 3450.

Registration requires a deposit of $250 or a payment of any larger amount towards your balance. This deposit holds your spot in the course and is non-refundable. Send an email for an application to 


“Walking into Yoga Teacher Training at Movement Arts was, for me, a leap of faith. I wasn’t sure what I would find there. I didn’t know if I was ready, if I was “good enough,” if I would fit in. What I found was a group of yogis of all ages, from all walks of life, in varying stages of our life journeys – in short, what I found was a community. During our time together, that community grew to feel more like a family. We learned about our physical anatomy, how to find proper alignment in our yoga asanas, and how to safely teach others what we learned. And perhaps more profoundly, under Kara’s amazing guidance, we studied the ancient texts and delved into heartfelt discussions through which we gained insight not only into yoga history and tradition, but also into ourselves and into each other. It was an education, a journey, and a transformation. I am a Yoga Teacher.”

Melissa Dale

“I would like to share where my Yoga training has taken me. I started facilitating Buddhism Meditation Peer Recovery at the Seattle Area Support Group. My journey keeps opening new doors. I now live a mindful, non-attached, non-harming life. I wouldn’t change it for anything. I had searched for love but didn’t realize it was with me all along. My life began to change the first day I started teacher training. I can’t thank you enough Kara, for my yoga teacher training. It transformed my life. I didn’t realize at the time how my life was evolving at each and every moment.”

Lauri Coleman

Movement Arts is a Yoga Alliance Registered School.

We have been offering teacher training since 2002