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Hello everyone. In case you don’t already know me, I founded Movement Arts in 1998. I have seen Carol brilliantly ride the waves of covid-related uncertainty since January 2020, when she became owner of the studio. In collaboration with the studio, I will be hosting the following yoga adventure in 2023.

There is a place called the Osa Peninsula at the southern tip of Costa Rica. There are creatures of all kinds who make this tropical rain forest their home. If you are a guest at Luna Lodge, you can walk to the waterfall and feel the power of the flow, watch a deep green snake curl up around a tree, hear monkeys who roar like lions. The animals/humans/plants/trees/birds are existing in exquisite harmony. A powerful healing energy holds space for you to explore. Your body/mind is nurtured by daily yoga and meditation. The therapists in the spa are true healers. Lana and her staff provide beautiful accommodations, healthy fresh organic food, delicious water, a saltwater pool, and more. There are outings deeper into the forest, early morning kayaking at the lagoon. You will see Scarlet Macaws stream through the air, perhaps a sleepy sloth in a tree….

March 11-19, 2023. The Experience: You stay in San Jose, CR for one night. The next morning you join several members of the group for a small plane ride that takes you over the Central Valley and the coastline and lands right next to the beach. Luna jeeps take you up to the lodge. You might choose a bungalow or a luxury tent. You are traveling light, but no worries, there is laundry service! There are 3 meals a day, excellent bar service, all enjoyed in the covered open-air rancho. Because you are up so high there are no mosquitoes. The first day as you ascend the steps up to the yoga platform, it feels like work. By day three you are climbing with more ease. Your legs become strong. Choose how little or how much to do, but make sure to do some hammock time! One week later you are flown back to San Jose, where you might choose to explore more of Costa Rica, or head home.

Now is the time to sign up for this unique adventure. This will be my fourth visit to Luna Lodge, and for some of the folks already signed up, it will also be their 4th! This experience is one that continues to beckon; to return, again and again. We currently have 11 people signed up, with room for just 9 more.

Should you have any questions, feel free to email kara@movementarts.com or call me at 425-330-3165. For details on this retreat, see https://movementarts.com/events/ For a look at the lodge see https://lunalodge.com

May we meet on the Osa!