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Practicing together in spite of the distance

I have been a Movement Arts devotee since I moved to the island a few years ago. It made such a difference in my body – strength, flexibility and balance. When my Sister-in-law and her husband came to visit this past summer from Oregon, I suggested Cathy join me for a Yin class. I thought she would love it – and she did! For me it was so fun to be able to connect for a few minutes before or after class – I think it has brought us closer and we miss each other if we can’t attend a class!

I am so glad that Nancy invited me to the Yoga Yin class. I had always wondered about yoga and thought this would be a great opportunity to try it. I was hooked! I’ve had back issues for most of my life and yoga is helping to stretch me and feel more open. I am so thankful there is a virtual option so that I can join Nancy for class. I, too, think it is bringing us closer and I look forward to seeing her in class. I also am feeling connected to my other virtual attenders and look forward to when I’m on the island next to attend a class in person again.