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Yoga is for everyone.

 However, when viewing online, it is up to each individual to honor their own capabilities and determine which class is suitable.  If you are nursing an injury or have an underlying condition, please check with your physician for any restrictions suited to your situation.  It is better to understand the fundamentals taught in Basics classes, before moving to a faster paced Flow.   

The techniques presented on this website are not intended to be a substitute for proper medical advice.  Movement Arts assumes no responsibility for any injuries suffered while practicing these techniques. 

Please click the link below to select from our video Library.  Regular membership rates apply towards views.  For example if you are on an unlimited membership, you will have unlimited views.  If you are on a punch card/class pass, each view will punch your card.

FREE SAMPLE – Intro to Yoga with Kara – Take a stand for your health and start a practice that most anyone can do. Here is your chance to find out what yoga is and is not, move your body,breathe, and relax. Wear comfortable clothing. This practice is designed to be done anywhere, no equipment needed! Duration: 30:17

FREE SAMPLE – Intro to Pranayama (breathing practice) with Kara – A daily breathing practice will help you in so many ways, from healthier lungs to increasing your energy as well as cultivating peace and calmness. Learn a few techniques from Kara, then practice and thrive.  Duration:  22:47

FREE SAMPLE – Restorative with Melissa – Put your feet up and relax! With or without props, learn several ways to get your legs elevated, which is a great way to connect to your Parasympathetic Nervous System – rest and digest mode. Give yourself the gift of deep relaxation with these simple poses.  Duration:  6:08

FREE SAMPLE – Restorative with Melissa – Twist to unwind. It may be counter intuitive, but twists are a great way to unwind our internal knots. Find your way into one of these twists using a bolster (cushion, pillow or blanket) to fully support the body.  Duration:  4:05

FREE SAMPLE – Restorative with Melissa – In this demo, you’ll learn two restorative poses that create space in the side body, gently stretching the intercostals and back muscles. You’ll need a bolster (a firm cushion or rolled up blanket), and an option to use a block (book) or blanket.  Duration:  3:55 

FREE SAMPLE – Restorative with Melissa – Resist ‘slumpasana’ by practicing daily back bends! Ever notice how much time you spend hunched over? Back bends stimulate the kidneys, bringing vital energy to the spine, as well as opening the lungs to facilitate deeper breathing. Props: blanket or bolster for support.  Duration:  3:45

FREE SAMPLE – Restorative Reclines with Melissa – Gently open up the entire front body with these reclining poses. Choose your favorite option to support yourself using a bolster, blanket and blocks. Once you’ve settled in, you may find this a nice place to incorporate a pranayama (breath) practice. This demo includes everyone’s favorite – reclining bound-angle (butterfly) pose! Duration: 5:28

FREE SAMPLE – Sun Salutation Tutorial A brief review of the different Sun Salutation sequences in yoga plus instruction for safe shoulder alignment and optional modifications. Duration:  26:40

FREE SAMPLE – Sound Bath with Kara – Take a journey through the chakras with Kara, watch, or sit back and listen to the sublime sounds of the crystal healing bowls. Duration: 24:25

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“I am enjoying the on-line classes and seeing my teachers, all the way from St. Croix!  Thank you so much for doing them.  They help me on so many levels at this time!!  Great job!!  – Janet Wick