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 We take safety seriously


“Back to business” doesn’t mean “back to normal” for us. Coronavirus isn’t over. As our community and economy move into recovery mode, it’s still up to everyone to help prevent the virus’s spread. You’ll see careful safety measures in place — as outlined by state regulations and recommended by health experts — when you visit us.

What we’re doing to protect our community

We remain dedicated to doing our part to protecting the community that supports us — to protecting you, our employees and families, and everyone in our community. Please note that these policies temporarily supersede our regular studio policies.

  • We’re practicing physical distancing inside our business and asking our customers to do the same. 
  • Our employees will be wearing face masks or cloth face coverings, and we ask customers to do the same when visiting us. Face masks work well to help prevent the spread of coronavirus through the air when we speak, cough or sneeze.
  • We’ll be working hard to frequently disinfect high-touch surfaces and shared spaces. When you come in, please use our provided hand sanitizer upon arrival.
  • For now, we’re limiting the number of people allowed inside to 10 students at one time
  • We will continue to offer online videos and LIVE STREAMING to meet the demand of everyone who wants to practice. If you have an underlying medical condition that makes you particularly vulnerable, please continue to take advantage of our media options.
  • Our employees will be staying home when they’re sick or showing any possible signs of illness. We ask that you do the same — and we’ll be glad to see you when you’re feeling better!
  • Store your credit or debit card in your account to conduct your membership or class pass transactions or to purchase and pick up merchandise to minimize contact.

How you can help

For us, it’s all about consideration — taking small but important steps to protect one another. We will do our part for as long as it takes. In the meantime, we also ask our customers to:

  • Keep doing physical distancing, staying at least 6 feet from anyone who doesn’t live with you whenever possible. This means not gathering at the cubbies at the same time.
  • Come to class dressed for practice
  • Wear a cloth or manufactured face mask when you visit us. Face coverings, which help prevent the invisible spread of this airborne disease, are required.
  • Leave shoes under the entry bench; bring the rest of your items, including your personal props, to your mat space.
  • Food and drink (except water) will not be allowed in the studio.  Please keep water bottles with screw tight lid in cubbies.
  • Please stay home if you’re sick or suspect you might be sick. We really want to see you — when you’re healthy.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water (or use hand sanitizer) before and after you visit us.
  • Use provided hand sanitizer before wiping down your mat before or after class.
  • By reserving a space in the studio, we ask you to assess your state of health leading up to class.  If you feel feverish or unwell yourself, have a cough or are sneezing (even if it’s allergies), have loss of taste or smell, have been in contact with any confirmed Covid 19 patients or traveled to any Covid 19 hot spots in the last 14 days or are sharing a household with someone has or who is exhibiting these symptoms, we ask you to stay home and practice via LIVE STREAM.  Please cancel reservations through the app or by phone/email to free up space for someone else.

Thank you!

These past few months have challenged our business in ways we never predicted. We’ve been grateful to our customers and our community for your support and encouragement during this time. We’re also grateful we get to go back to work — and to serving you.

Let’s work together toward a recovery that’s healthy and safe for everyone. We’ll see you soon!