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I Bought an Electric Car!

It was on a whim. I had just brought my car to the dealer for service when I saw this awesomely cute little car just outside the door. I knew it was a Mitsubishi i-Miev because I had seen one advertised before. This car is totally electric and one of the first...

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Yoga and Men

Recently, as I was getting ready to teach a room full of yogis, I noticed that almost half of the people in class were male. This was not normal. For a long time American yoga classes have been primarily filled with women, with a few men here and there. This seemed...

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Bending Over Backwards

Bending Over Backwards   Take a room full of children and ask them to perform a full wheel backbend and most of them can do it easily. They might be weak in the arms and not able to push themselves up, but their little spines are so wonderfully flexible. Ask the...

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The Comfort Zone

  The Comfort Zone Just as we all have a sense of our personal space around us, we also have a comfort zone. This is where we like to live most of the time. There is good reason for this zone; it’s the one we can handle, life feels generally good and familiar to...

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